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TOLEDANO Family Tree

The name TOLEDANO means from Toledo (Spain). The family was expelled from Spain in 1492 and settled in Salonika.

Daniel TOLEDANO (b. 1570 Salonika, Greece, d. 1640 Fez, Morocco) son of Joseph TOLEDANO was the founder of the two main lines of the TOLEDANO family tree. He left Greece in 1600 with his wife and two sons for Fez, Morocco where he became head of a yeshiva. He is described in sources as "Head of the Castilian Scholars" and as the "Head of the Yeshiva of Fez"

Thanks to Yacov Tal TOLEDANO (b. 1932 Jerusalem) author of The History of TOLEDANO Families published in Sharsheret Hadorot, of The Israel Genealogical Society, and to Moshe EBNER for information on the TOLEDANO Family.

Also see Encyclopedia Judaica 22 Volume Set (p. 1193-1198).


The following TOLEDANO's presumably are descend from one of the branches listed above: Aaron TOLEDANO, Abraham TOLEDANO, Alberto Felipe TOLEDANO, Baruch TOLEDANO, Bida TOLEDANO, Chalom TOLEDANO, Dorit TOLEDANO, Esther TOLEDANO, Gabriel TOLEDANO, Geulah TOLEDANO, Isaac TOLEDANO, Joseph TOLEDANO, Joseph TOLEDANO, Kota TOLEDANO, Laurette TOLEDANO, Raphael TOLEDANO, Raymonde TOLEDANO, Rebecca TOLEDANO, Samuel TOLEDANO, ?? TOLEDANO, ?? TOLEDANO.

Jacob TOLEDANO ben Moses (d. about 1928) and Jacob Moses TOLEDANO (1880-1960) [Minister of Religious Affairs in the Ben Gurion government] are mentioned in Encyclopedia Judaica 22 Volume Set (p. 1197-1198).

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