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Moshe BERDUGO hakadmon

The founder of the BERDUGO Family is Rabbi Moshe BERDUGO or "Grande Sabio." Moshe was born around 1600. According to tradition, he is a descendant of the male line of King David via the exilarch Bustanai. Moshe BERDUGO married Luna.

The Rabbi Raphael BERDUGO synagogue on rue El M'da (Bath Street) attached to the Benaroch Synagogue was founded around 1492 by the BERDUGO family shortly after their arrival from Spain. It was named after the famous Rabbi Raphael BERDUGO (The Angel Raphael) and then his grandson Jacob. Early in the century, the synagogue was lead by Rabbis from the BERDUGO family including Joshua ben Ya'acov. The synagogue was longer than it was wide, and rather plain. It would hold 150 congregants and served on occasion as Yeshiva under the direction of BERDUGO Rabbis. Once a year, during the month of Elul, Rabbis met there to celebrate the Pidiyoun Hanafashot cermony (symbolic redemption of souls with money given to community poor, guaranteeing a long life).

Moshe and Luna had a son called Rabbi Itzhak BERDUGO or "Sabio".

Itzhak was a Rabbi in Meknes, Morocco (b. around 1650). Rabbi Itzhak BERDUGO was called "Ha-Yachich" (the elder, or the ancestor). He had three sons: Moshe, Abraham and Yossef.

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