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Hayyim ben Habib TOLEDANO Family Tree

Rabbi Hayyim TOLEDANO (b. about 1627, d. about 1680), Rabbi and Kabbalist in Meknes. Copied kabbalistic and ethical works, including Yehah Yakar of R. Abraham GALANTE which was brought to him by the emissary Elisha ASHKENAZI -- the father of Nathan of Gaza -- and She'arei Hokhmah of an Ashkenazi author, thus contributing to their circulation in the west. It is almost certain that he fought the Shabbatean movement as did his relative Rabbi Daniel ben Joseph TOLEDANO with whom he shares the position of dayan.

Thanks to Yacov Tal TOLEDANO (b. 1932 Jerusalem) author of The History of TOLEDANO Families published in Sharsheret Hadorot, of The Israel Genealogical Society, and to Moshe EBNER for information on the TOLEDANO Family.

Also see Encyclopedia Judaica 22 Volume Set (p. 1193-1198).

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