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[photo Freha BOTBOL] [photo Moise COHEN-SCALI] Moïse COHEN-SCALI (b. 1886) married Freha BOTBOL (b. March 1891, buried Cimetiere Israelite de Portet-Garonne)

Freha acquired French nationality from her father as decided by the tribunal de première instance de Rabat, decision 7776, 20 March 1929.

They lived in Fez, Morocco. Moïse owned a small grocery store in the village of Tissa, one-half hour by horseback from Fez. The store (half the size of a kitchen) sold all sorts of things, and also contained a radio, since Moïse was the receveur des postes of Tissa. He would return to his family in Fez on the weekend.

Moïse and Freha had six children:

  1. Esther COHEN-SCALI married Joseph (Jo) SABBAH. They owned a hotel in Paris.
  2. From right: Albert COHEN, his wife Rachel, his sister Rachel Rachel COHEN-SCALI (accountant) (b. 12 August 1910, d. 21 November 1994) married Armand COHEN. Armand died and Rachel remarried Henri ASSOR. They divorced and Rachel remarried Joseph SEK-SEK. [Photo. From right: Albert COHEN, his wife Rachel, his sister Rachel]
  3. Albert COHEN (b. 12 December 1912, d. June 1987) married Rachel COHEN (d. 1997, buried Cimetiere Israelite de Portet-Garonne)
  4. Roby COHEN (b. 14 March 1914) (pharmacist) named after Robida COHEN. She was the first woman in Morocco to get a high school diploma. Roby married (27 May 1939) Gaston BERUARD (b. 24 April 1910, d. 14 August 1989). C.E.O. Pharmaceutical Industrial. She lives near Lyon. Three children.
  5. Charles Samuel (COHEN-)SCALI (b. 1920, d. May 1998 Nice, buried Cimetiere Israelite de Portet-Garonne). Taught French and Latin. Married Simy (Simha) Guetta LAHMY. Divorced.
  6. Helene, Patricia, and Danielle COHEN-SCALI Danielle, Helene, and Patricia COHEN-SCALI Laurette BERDUGO Joseph Armand COHEN-SCALI Joseph Armand COHEN-SCALI (b. 11 September 1927 Fez, d. 24 February 2014 Saint-Jean, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, France, buried Cimitiere Israelite de Portet-sur-Garonne) (dentist) married (8 July 1962, Fez, Morrocco) Laurette BERDUGO (25 July). Laurette acquired french nationality by marriage. They immigrated to France shortly after their marriage where they lived first in Versailles before settling in Toulouse. Laurette paints in her spare time.

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