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Branch Beth of BERDUGO family tree

Mordecchai BERDUGO and Hassiba BENSIMON Family Tree

Mordecchai married Hassiba BENSIMON. (Her second husband.) They have eight children.

  1. Maurice (Moïse) BERDUGO (b. 1921 Meknes) married Rose (Rosa) MAMELOK. They have 5 children and live in Paris (Bures sur Yvette).
  2. Jacob BERDUGO (d. 2001) married Esther TOLEDANO. They lived in Naharya, Israel.
  3. Berthe BERDUGO married Danny CAMPINO. They live in Bercheva,Israel and have 3 children.
  4. Mathilde BERDUGO maried Schmouel SIKRON. They live in Jerusalem and have 3 children. Each of them are married and has children.
  5. Messody BERDUGO married Isaac TOLEDANO. They live in Jerusalem and have 7 children.
  6. Perla BERDUGO (d. 1994) lives with Henri WAUTERS (d. 22 November 1998). They lived in Brussels.
  7. David BERDUGO (b. early 2003 Beercheva, Israel)
  8. Shalom BERDUGO (d.) married Henriette

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