Rabbi Raphael BERDUGO Illuminated Beth Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI

Branch Gimel of BERDUGO family

[Handdrawn Family Tree of Branch Beth by Rabbi Raphael ben Abraham BERDUGO

Yikutiel son of Mordecai is the founder of branch C of the BERDUGO family. Member of Beth Din in Meknes. Known as "Ha-Tsadik" (the saint). Author of Mimuqim al Hatorah.

Listed as a saint in Culte des Saints et Pélerinages Judéo-Musulmans au Maroc. Born around 1730 or 1742. Died in 1802. Buried in Rabat.

He had six sons:

  1. Chief Rabbi Petahyiah Mordecai BERDUGO (1764-1820) of Meknes. Author of Pituheh Hotam (talmudic commentary), Nofet Zuphim (responsa, published 1938). President of Beth Din of Meknes.

  2. Rabbi Isaac BERDUGO (1768-1820). Rabbi in Meknes.

  3. Rabbi Sa'adia BERDUGO. Rabbi in Meknes (18th-19th century)

  4. Yaakov BERDUGO (1783-1843). L'Haham. Not listed on handdrawn family tree. Author of Kedouchat Chabbat and Choufre de Yaakov.

  5. Yossef BERDUGO (1802-1854)

  6. Abia BERDUGO

  7. Rabbi Yehoshua BERDUGO (b. 1802 (or 1803?), d. 1821). Born after death of Yikutiel. Died at age 19.

  8. eldest daughter BERDUGO married her cousin Rabbi Aharon HASSINE, II (b. 6 Dec. 1747 Meknes, d. 11 June 1817 Meknes)

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