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HASSINE Family Tree

Rabbi David HASSINE, I

Rabbi David HASSINE was born in Meknes, Morocco and died around 1728 in Meknes.

Rabbi David HASSINE had two children: Rabbi Abraham HASSINE (b. Meknes, d. after 1741 Meknes) and Rabbi Aharon HASSINE.

Rabbi Aharon HASSINE, I

Rabbi Aharon HASSINE (b. Meknes, d. after 1762 Meknes) has one son: Rabbi David HASSINE.

Rabbi David HASSINE, II

Rabbi David HASSINE was considered the greatest Moroccan Jewish poet. Tehile Le David (Hymn of David), a book of his Piyyutim, was published in Israel 1999 (Hebrew and French) by Prof. Andre ELBAZ of Bar-Ilan University. Towards the end of 1746 or the beginning of 1747, Rabbi David HASSINE (b. 1727 Meknes, d. 30 June 1792 Meknes) married the eldest daughter of his master, the Great Rabbi Mordechai BERDUGO (Ha'MarBitz) and Rachel BERDUGO. This marriage was a great honor bestowed on the MarBitz's favorite disciple and united two of the most influential rabbinical families of Meknes.

Rabbi David HASSINE and Rachel BERDUGO had a son and nine daughters:

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