Illuminated Beth Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI Rabbi Abrahama BERDUGO Mazel Tov BENSIMON

Rabbi Abraham BERDUGO son of Petahiah Mordecai BERDUGO

Rabbi Abraham BERDUGO married Mazel Tov BENSIMON.

In 1919, there was an examination of Rabbis to become notary publics (sofer) for the beit din. Abraham BERDUGO was one of 8 Meknes candidates to pass the examination.

Synagogue slat Abraham BERDUGO was founded by Rabbi Mimoun BERDUGO (son of Abraham BERDUGO) towards the end of the 1930s over his home on rue Petahia BERDUGO in the new mellah. Familial synagogue frequented by his direct family. Small with an elegant teba in the middle of a square hall. After the death of Rabbi Abraham, the congregation was healed by Rabbi Raphael BERDUGO.

Mazal Tov BENSIMON was reputed to be a healer. The entire family consulted her for health problems and she sometimes had better success than the doctors of the epoch. She knew the plants well and made her own medicines, very appreciated in the mellah.

Rabbi Abraham BERDUGO and Mazel Tov BENSIMON had seven children:

  1. Mimoun BERDUGO (see photo to right).
  2. Haïm BERDUGO
  3. Simha (Semi) BERDUGOmarried her cousin Abner OHAYON
  4. Moïse BERDUGO married Perla ABECCASIS (b. Tangers, lives in Ashdod)
  5. Margalite BERDUGO (b. Meknes 1927) married Pinchas BERDUGO.
  6. Petahia [Mordecai] BERDUGO married Alice ELCOUBY.
    Rabbi Raphael Berdugo
  7. Rabbi Raphael BERDUGO (d.) married to his niece Rebecca BERDUGO (d. 1 June 2000) Haifa. Rabbi Raphael BERDUGO worked since the age of 16 on the BERDUGO family tree. He drew 3 family trees (aleph, beth, gimel) corresponding to the different parts of the BERDUGO family originating in Meknes, Morrocco. Most of the information on the BERDUGO family comes from these family trees.

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