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Zacharias OPPENHEIMER and Fratel OPPENHEIMER Family Tree

OPPENHEIMER Stammbaum To the right, is an image of the Stammbaum OPPENHEIMER family tree which begins with Zacharias OPPENHEIMER in 1827 and goes up to 1885. David E. OPPENHEIMER DEOPPY at has a 8x10" color negative of this color lithograph. If you are interested in a beautiful 24x26" reproduction. Please contact him. If enough people are interested the cost will be around $65. (Phone: 561-392-8742, Mail: 2707 N. Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431.)

Also, thanks to Helen NESTOR (d. 2008) mother of Ron NESTOR for information on this branch of the family.

Zacharias OPPENHEIMER (b. 1 October 1773 Michelfeld, Baden, Germany, d. 24 February 1827 Michelfeld) married cousin Fratel OPPENHEIMER (b. 6 November 1771 Hoffenheim, d. 11 December 1842 Michelfeld). Zacharias founded the woolen cloth factory in Michelfeld. The factory specialized in the production of uniforms, including those used by the Prussian and Baden military. By a constitutional edict became a town citizen, thereby gaining all the civil rights, an exception among Jews.

By 1890 they had over 550 children, grandchildren, and a few great grandchildren.

Thanks to Renate McVITTIE Red at and Eric HOFFMAN for information on this branch of the family tree. Eric HOFFMAN is writing a biograph of the poet George OPPEN.

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