Illuminated Beth Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI

Veronica (Frumet) BRILIN and Nathan OPPENHEIMER and Samson Wertheim

Veronica (Frumet) BRILIN (b. 15 March 1658/9, d. 24 April 1715 or 1718 Vienna) daughter of Isak BRILIN and Sarlan OPPENHEIMER WOLF, married (before 1679 Vienna) to Nathan OPPENHEIMER (d. 1678). (Source: Genealogical Tables of Jewish Families 14th - 20th centuries, Forgotten Fragments of the History of the FRAENKEL Family, by Louis and Henry FRAENKEL. Also, see Court Jews by Selma STERN, page 90.)

Veronica and Nathan OPPENHEIMER had a son:

Samson Wertheimer (1658-1724) Veronica (Frumet) BRILIN remarried to Samson WERTHEIM or Samson WERTHEIMER (b. 1658, d. 1724), Hungarian Ober- und Landesrabbiner. Court Jew and scholar, Samson Wertheimer took residence in Vienna in 1684 as business associate of Samuel Oppenheimer. Creditor and financial adviser of the imperial family, he was awarded the title "Oberhoffacktor" (privileged position at the court) in 1703. Through his influence at the court he succeeded in preventing the antisemitic work "Entdecktes Judentum" (Jewry Exposed) by J. A. Eisenmenger from being sold. He was regarded as a rabbinical scholar and promoted the printing of Hebrew works. In 1693 he was appointed honorary rabbi by the community of Eisenstadt and Hungarian rabbi by the emperor. (NB: Samson's second wife was Merli Magdalena SCHIFF.)

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