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Abraham HaLEVI HELLER and Rachel LOEW

Based on a chart from a translation of Yom Tov Lipman HELLER's autobiography Megillas Aivah published as The Feast and the Fast, by C. U. LIPSHITZ and Neil ROSENSTEIN, Rachel LOEW (d. 1633 Prague) daughter of the Maharal of Prague married Abraham HaLEVI HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Lubin, d. 3 Aug. 1572, Vienna, Austria) son of the Chief Rabbi of Germany, Moses HaLevi HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. 1520 Wallerstein, Germany, d. 1580).

See below for information about their son Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN. Contact: David SOLOMON, Sol2516171 at

(However, according to Paul J. SALAZAR there were two Abraham HELLER's. One the ancestor of the other. The former Abraham married Rachel LOEW. Their son Mose Halevi HELLER-Frenkl (b. ca. 1520)'s son was the latter Abraham Halevi HELLER-FRANKEL (d. 1572). The latter Abraham married Bella the daughter of Meir Ha LEVI (whose family has been researched into the 1300's, and it is the latter Abraham and Bella who were the parents of Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN.)

(Finally, according to David Peter John LEWIN davidlewin at, Rahel bat Maharal LOEW married Mose Halevi HELLER-FRENKL (b. about 1520) (see page 17) and they had a son Abraham HALEVI-HELLER (d. 1572/1591) who married Bella (see page 66) and they had a son Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN.)


Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Austria, d. 15 Sept. 1612, Vienna, Austria) married Mirl Sarah TEOMIM (b. 9 Jan. 1575, Vienna, Austria, d. 21 Feb. 1639, Vienna, Austria) daughter of Dwerl POMELITZ and Meschullam Salman TEOMIM (d. 29 Aug. 1621 Vienna) son of Rebecca Sterin HOROWITZ [bat Israel HaLevi] (b. ca. 1545) and Rabbi Moses Aaron TEOMIM (b. ca. 1550 Vienna, d. 1609 Prague) son of Rabbi Simeon TEOMIM-LEMAL

Jakob and Sarah had seven children together:

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