Illuminated Aleph Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI Lion GOMPERZ

Rabbi Loeb Lion GOMPERZ

Most of the information on this page comes from the web site of Franz FRANKHAUSER and the Familien-Register des Lion GOMPERZ und seiner Nachkommen (Budapest 1888).

Rabbi (Jehuda) Lion (Loeb) GOMPERZ (b. 21 Aug 1782 Waag-NEUSTADTl, d. 2 June 1849) married (31 January 1806) Mirjam (Miriam) Marie (Maria) LATZKO (b. 1787, d. 18 February 1861). For more information see, Stammtafel der Familie GOMPERZ by Lion GOMPERZ's son Sigmund GOMPERZ with some 50 years of comments added to it, probably by his grandson Moritz SCHOENFELD.

Rabbi Jehuda GOMPERZ was the son of Benedict NEUMEGEN GOMPERZ (b. Nymwegen, Holland, d. 11 June 1825 Pressburg) and Traule OPPENHEIMER (d. 21 June 1841 Pressburg). (Benedict and Traule were married 1784?)

For information on the GOMPERZ Family tree see The GOMPERZ Family by Professor David KAUFMAN and Dr. Max FREUDENTHAL (1907 Frankfurt), translated to English by Dr Bernard STANDRING (2003 London). (The book comes with a CD-ROM.)

Burial information for Wahringer Friedhof and Zentralfriedhof I and IV available at in English and in German.

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