Illuminated Aleph Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI Samuel OPPENHEIMER


Samuel OPPENHEIMER (b. 21 Jun 1630, d. 03 May 1703 Wien). His first wife died 11 March 1673. Samuel was Kaiserlicher Oberhoffactor, the most renowned and honored of the OPPENHEIM's. A brief sketch of his life and likeness may be found in the Encyclopedia Judaica 22 Volume Set , page 419. He was also called Samuel Heidelberg.

He remarried Sandela Sentille CARCASSONE, a daughter of Manoach CARCASSONE, from Mannheim, widow of Moses Abraham ASTROQUE (or ASTRUCK, or AMSTRUCK) (d. 1668) (Carcassone is a city in the south of France. Later the Family CARCASSONE migrated to Bohemia). Moses and Sandela are ancestors of Ralph BAER

Privileges accorded to Samuel OPPENHEIMER 1691 For more details see The Court Jew: A Contribution to the History of Absolutism in Europe by Selma STERN (pages 15 and following) and The Jews of Vienna by Max GRUNWALD, Vienna, 1936 (pages 113-124).

There are some more children listed under Samuel OPPENHEIMER according to Joseph MOR, and they might be Sandela Sentille CARCASSONE's children from her first marriage.

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