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Photo of someone (Moses OPPENHEIMER?) in military uniform (Franco-Prussian war era?) Moses OPPENHEIMER (b. 26 December 1855, d. 2 November 1929 Hemsbach, Germany) married (July 13, 1888) Gimi WEINGARTNER (b. June 24, 1866 Flehingen, Germany, d. 14 January 1962, 9 shvat 5722 Chicago, Illinois). Moses owned a one acre farm outside of town. Moses traded cattle and ran a pot and pans store in the front of the house. Moses was known as "Black Moses" to distinguish him from the "Red Moses (Moses PFAELZER) the reference being to the color of their hair and beard. Moses is remembered for his participation in civic organizations, including the volunteer fire department.

Moses Oppenheimer obituary

Moses OPPENHEIMER's grave Moses OPPENHEIMER died 2 November 1929. He was buried in the 16th century Verbands Friedhof (Collective Cemetery) of Hemsbach.

Translation of Moses OPPENHEIMER obituary:
Hemsbach (Region of Bergstrasse, Germany), November 8, 1929. The local Jewish community has suffered a large loss by the death of Moses OPPENHEIMER. His death has torn a gap, which will make us feel painful for a long time. Even though he wasn't in a leading position, he had a huge influence on our religious community life. Up early and out late for davening. Not only for himself he was a punctual and diligent participant of our service, but due to his influence, almost every day at least in the evening there was a minyan going on. By word and example he encouraged the youth to a regularly visit of the temple. He was a traditional Jew. Righteousness and diligence were his most striking traits. His whole nature was fulfilled by a deeply felt religiousness. His truth was help and support for him in every situation of life and with every fiber of his heart he hung at the teachings of his religion and the traditional customs. He gave a good example in adoration of parents to his children. Being a numerous father himself, he hung with deep love and high regard at his mother and so he received the same love and adoration by his children. The huge respect and high regard that he received also from citizens who have a different belief was expressed by the enormous participation of Christian inhabitants from near and far at his funeral that took place at the 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh. Reb Gold did regret it honestly that because of Rosh Chodesh he couldn’t dedicate an obituary to this brave Jew who he described as a model of diligence, righteousness and piousness. May G-d solace the widow and children. In the Jewish community Moses Oppenheimer will not be forgotten. May his soul be bound up in the bond of life.

Gimi WEINGARTNER Gimmi OPPENHEIMER nee WEINGAERTNER's Green Card. Gimmi OPPENHEIMER. Gimmi OPPENHEIMER and Manny SCHMIDT (6 years old) at Gimmi's 70th and Manfred's 6th birthday (1936). After her husband's death, Gimi continued to live in Hemsbach until 1937 when she joined Amanda and Gustav in Frankfurt and immigrated with her to the US in 1938.
Obituary in German for GIMI OPPENHEIMER nee WEINGAERTNER. Gimmi OPPENHEIMER Anne OPPENHEIMER, Gimmi OPPENHEIMER, and Betty SCHMIDT at 5436 Ellis. Gimmi OPPENHEIMER. Gimi was buried at the Chevra Kadisha Section of the Oakridge Cemetery, Hillside, Illinois as were Gustav and Amanda OPPENHEIMER, Carl and Jeannette OPPENHEIMER, and Max and Betty SCHMIDT, and Kätchen SPIELMAN who came along to the US when Carl OPPENHEIMER emigrated to Chicago in 1938.

OPPENHEIMER family photo Picture taken June 24, 1946 - Grandma Gimi's 80th Birthday. Rear: Carl & Jeanette OPPENHEIMER, Jack & Mabel OPPENHEIMER, Gustav & Amanda OPPENHEIMER. Front: Max & Betty SCHMIDT, Grandma Gimi OPPENHEIMER, Rebecka & Herman STERN. At the time, Gimi lived with Betty and Max in Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago

Moses and Gimi had five children:

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