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obituary of Helene LOEB><p>
Herman (Naftali) FLORSHEIM (b. 20 November 1870 Meerholz) son of 
<i><a name=Amalie LOEWENTHAL and Hanselm FLORSHEIM married Helene LOEB. (See Herman's birth certificate.)

Obituary of Helene LOEB (on right): Bad Nauheim, 10th of Dec. On the Sabbath corresponding to the Torah portion Chayeh Sarah (the life of Sarah), our community was set into deep grief. Mrs. Helene FLÖRSHEIM, born LÖB, wife of the hotelier Hermann FLÖRSHEIM, exhaled her pure soul. With the family, our whole community is mourning and beyond that her tremendous wide circle of acquaintances in the world, where the Hotel Flörsheim is known and appreciated as a house that is led in a real Jewish spirit.
At the grave, Mr. Rabbi Dr. Cohn, Marburg, under whose supervision the hotel is standing, drew a picture of the character of this rare woman, who even on the deathbed laid at the heart of her husband and the children to continue their house in their meaning and to keep it as a homestead of real Jewish tradition.
In the mourning house, Mr. Teacher Bettmann as a friend of the family, spoke words of honorable remembrance.
May her soul be bound up in the bond of life.

nanny advertisement Here is an advertisement which Helene placed to find a nanny for her two daughters.

Translation of Advertisement: Looking for - immediately or in August - a nice well-bred Nanny for both of my daughters ages 9 and 3 years, who can sew a little bit and will mind for the homework of my daughter of 9 years. Offers with picture and salary request to Mrs. H. FLORSHEIM, Bad Nauheim.


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