Illuminated Mem Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI Rebecka and Herman STERN with Gertude and Helen as infants (probably 1915). Rebecka OPPENHEIMER

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Rebecka OPPENHEIMER (b. July 11, 1889, d. December 25, 1970). She immigrated to Toledo, Ohio from Germany 1908.

Article TAILOR RENEGES ON RETIREMENT DATE from THE BLADE around 1971. Rebecka OPPENHEIMER married (September 13, 1911) Hermann STERN (b. 26 November 1882 Niederkleiun, d. 16 October 1970 Toledo). Hermann ran his own tailor shop on Main Street in Toledo, Ohio.

Hermann was the great uncle of Edward R. SCHEINERMAN, Professor of Mathematics at The Johns Hopkins University, ers at

Gertrude and Helen STERN as young girls. Gertrude and Helen in front of Thuril Strul House, Toledo. Rebecka and Hermann had two daughters Gertrude and Helen:

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