Illuminated Zayin Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI Rabbi Schneur ZALMAN

Rabbi Schneur ZALMAN of Liadi (The Alter Rebbe founder of Chabad)

[3] Rabbi Schneur Zalman BORUCHOVITCH (Boruchovitch) of Liadi (Laydie) (The Alter Rebbe founder of Chabad) (b. 15 Sep. 1745 (18 Elul 5505) Liozna, Mogilev, d. 27 Dec. 1813 Lubavitch). Direct descendant of the Maharal of Prague. Author of Shulchan Aruch Harav. Author of Tanya. Imprisonned 1799 after being denounced by opponents of hassidism in St. Petersburg. Freed on 19 Kislev. This dates is considered the New Year of Hassidot.

Married (1760) Sterna SEGAL daughter of Yehuda Leib SEGAL and Bila.

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Chabad has a publication enumerating his descendants. I have a Gedcom file which has not been completely entered into this website.

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