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The family most likely traces its earliest roots from Sijilmasa

One of the earliest direct ancestors we can identify was Saliman (mid 17 century); he had had 2 sons.

  1. The children cited above are those who could be directly traced (via documents) but there are likely others not listed.
  2. R' Aharon (Hakadum) and R' Aharon (the Second) wrote the books cited below, while the others were active as writers or in missions abroad (Arab countries, Europe and South America: Peru, Brazil- Manaus, Belem…). Most of the documents refer to R' Itzhak and R' Moshe who arrived in Shfara'am in 1816 and a year later settled in Tiberias.
  3. R' Aharon (Hakadum) and R' Aharon (the Second) wrote five books, all of which are now in print: Em LaMikra ve Em LaMassoret, Zekan Aharon, Bigdei Yesha, Pirhe Aharon, and Reshit Bikurim
  4. Any remarks, correction(s) and/or additional information are all most welcomed.
Bibliography: In addition to the manuscripts described above, the following sources have been consulted for this study:
  1. Malkei Rabanan by Rabbi Yoseph ben Naim
  2. Shluhei Eretz Israel LeDorotehem by Abraham Yaari
  3. Yehudei HaMizrah BeEretz Israel BeAvar U BaHoveh
  4. Otzar HaRabanim by Rabbi Nathan Tzvi Fridman
  5. Sefer Tiberias by Oded Avishar
  6. Sefer Hebron
  7. Sefer Tsefat by Oded Avishar
  8. Ner HaMa'arav by R' Y.M. Toledano
  9. Dovevei Ciftei Yeshanim by R' "D.B.Sh" (R' David Ben Shim'on)
  10. Communautes Juives des Marges sahariennes du Maghreb by M. Abitbol
  11. BaMa'avar (HaYehudime BeEretz Israel BaMea Ha 19) by Y. Kaniel
  12. The Morrocan Jews in the Amazon by Jeff Malka
  13. Otzar Rashei Tevot by Shmuel Ashkenazi and Dov Yarden
  14. a large number of Websites

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