Illuminated Aleph Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI


Thanks to Christof P. A. EBERSTADT (Luitpoldstr. 46, 91052 Erlangen, Germany) for information on this branch of the family.

My direct ancestors are in bold. Also see our ascending family trees.

Lewe (Leo) d. Worms had a son Amschel OPPENHEIM.

Amschel OPPENHEIM, b. Worms?, d. after. 1505 Worms married Edel NN. They had a son Majer OPPENHEIM.

Majer OPPENHEIM "Zum HIRSCH" Frankfurt (b. Worms?, d. 1511 Worms) married Gutlin WEISENAU (b. WEISENAU, d. around. 1530 Frankfurt) daughter of Schimon WEISENAU "Zum HIRSCH" Frankfurt ben Menachem and Enlin (Hanlin) bat Josselin from Koeln. Gutlin remarried Amsel DEUTZ ben Gumprecht (d. around.1542 Frankfurt).

They had two children:

  1. Loeb OPPENHEIM "Zum HIRSCH", "Zum gruenen Schild", "Zum Rindsfuss" Frankfurt, b. Worms?, d. 1574 Mainz? baptised: Paulus Renatus (children known)

  2. Juda Loeb OPPENHEIM "Zum Riesen" Worms, "Zum HIRSCH" Frankfurt, b. 1500 Heidelberg or Worms?, d. 1572/73 Frankfurt.
    According to Christof EBERSTADT, Juda Loeb OPPENHEIM married Sorle Cayn (b. Frankfurt?, d. 23 Jan 1579 Frankfurt) daughter of Majer Cayn = KATZ "Zur Pforte" Frankfurt andGutlin BINGEN daughter of Schaul BINGEN. Gutlin remarried Amschel KATZ "Zum Storch" son of Simon (d. 03 Mar 1586 Frankfurt). EBERSTADT's source is the Ele Toldot in Frankfurt and father Majer is not definitely given there as father of Juda Loeb.
    Alternatively, according to Lawrence D. WEINBERG and David SOLOMON and Hannah Devora, Juda Loeb OPPENHEIMER's wife was Edel WEISENAU daughter of Simon WEISENAU(d. 1523 Frankfurt) [son of Manes WEISENAU and Rieke COHEN] and Emelin KOELN [daughter of Rabbi Joselin KOELIN and EPSTEIN], whose family tree can be traced back to Lewe BUTZBACH (d. 1450) son of Smohel BUTZBACH. WEINBERG's sources were: (1) The web site Jewish Families of Frankfurt am Main by Roger CIBELLA with the information mostly from DIETZ's Stammbaum der Frankfurter Juden; and (2) Genealogical Tables of Jewish Families, 14th-20 Centuries, Forgotten Fragments of the History of the FRAENKEL Family, by Louis and Henry FRAENKEL (2d ed. 1999). Both say that Edel WEISENAU, daughter of Simon WEISENAU, was married to Loeb Juda OPPENHEIM, the father of Moses OPPENHEIM.


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