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STARR family


Isaac Labe STAROBINSKY (b. 1880 Yanow, d. 6 February 1934 Chicago) moved to Chicago 1934. Esther Barb (click to enlarge) Married (26 or 27 February 1907 New York) to Esther BARB (b. 1881 near Odessa, d. 2 September 1973 San Diego). San Diego STARR family. Click to enlarge.

They had eight children.

Photo to right taken in San Diego in 1954:
back row (right to left): David STARR, Bill STARR, George STARR, Bill's son Norman, Sidney ZOLOT (Mary's husband), Betty's husband David SUGERMAN, Betty's son Jay, Beatrice's husband Oscar SOKOL, Bertha's husband Fred Leeds, and Bertha's son-in-law Matthew STRAUSS,
(moving forward from the the back row): Bertha's daughter Iris, Bertha's daughter Andrea, Bill's wife Bertha, Bill's daughter Marsha
(middle row from right to left): David's wife Rozelle, George's wife Geraldine, Beatrice with her daughter Diane, Betty, matriarch Esther STARR, with George's son Brian, Mary, Bertha, Bertha's son Gary
(front row from right to left): Bill's son Philip, Betty's son Richard, Beatrice's son Bruce, David's son Michael, Betty's daughter Carol, Bill's son Harvey, George's son Jeffrey, George's son Craig, Mary's son Lawrence, and David's daughter Leslie.
STAROBINSKY children (click to enlarge)

Photo to right:
From left to right. Bertha STARR, Betty STARR, William STARR, Mary STARR, and George STARR.

  1. Mary STARR b. 19 July 1908 New York. Married Sidney ZOLOT (b. 7 October 1910, d. 29 January 1983).
  2. Bill and Dave STARR David STARR (b. 24 September 1909 New York, d. November 1996) married Rozelle ZIMMERMAN. Divorced.
  3. Bill Starr William (Isadore Velvel) (Bill) STARR (b. 16 February 1911 New York, d. 1991 San Diego). Lived in Chicago. Moved 1937 to San Diego to play baseball for the San Diego Padres minor league team. Later bought the team and ran it for a few years until 1956. Ted WILLIAMS played for him. According to Leslie O'CONNOR, "Bill STARR was the keenest mind in baseball. Nobody was a better judge of playing talent and he was unsurpassed as a negotiator. When I say he was the smartest man in baseball, I don't exclude anybody. I rate him over George WEISS of the Yankees, over Frank LANE of the Cardinals, over all of 'em." He was a pioneer and an innovator. In 1948, he opened the doors to black players in the Coast League by acquiring John RITCHEY, the first black player in that league's history. He wanted to build a new baseball park, and several times bought large pieces of land and it didn't work out so he sold it. He made a lot of money each time he sold the land and then realized he should go into real estate. (See article on the San Diego History website.) Bill wrote (1989) Clearing the Bases: Baseball Then & Now.
    Bill Starr catcher Bill married (1937) Bertha SCHUB (b. 12 July 1917 Chicago, d. 12 December 2000 San Diego) daughter of Gertrude FRADKIN (b. 1891, d. 1982) and Samuel SCHUB (b. 1891, d. 1937) son of Dvayra (Dora) SCHUB (d. 1925) and Rubin (Roven) SCHUB (b. 1855, d. 1937) son of Brunne and Israel SCHUB. Divorced. Bertha was raised in Chicago, graduated from Marshall High School and Chicago Institute of Music. She worked during the depression as a secretary, once for a manufacturer of bulletproof vests. Bertha was a tireless participant in community activities. She did volunteer work for Grossmont Hospital as well as with the Women's Auxiliary to write scripts and make costumes for their fund raising events. Later she made and repaired costumes for the Old Globe Theatre. At Salk Institute, she helped with fund raising events by preparing mailings, making phone calls or holding elected offices. Bertha was also an avid watercolorist, traveling many places overseas with workshop groups sponsored most notably by Dong Kingman. She had lifetime memberships with Temple Beth Israel, Hebrew Home For The Aged, Women's Auxiliary, BRANDEIS National Women's Committee, Salk Institute Women's Auxiliary, Grossmont Hospital Auxiliary and Globe Theatre. During her last years, she managed real estate investments and spent time with her 4 children and 12 grandchildren.
    Bill remarried Shirley (d. 1989). No children.
    Bill remarried Francy. No children.
    Bill and Bertha had four children:
  4. Bertha STARR (b. 10 February 1913 New York) married 2 April 1935 to Fredrick Samuel Leeds (29 December 1910 to 1986 San Diego)

  5. George STARR (b. 21 November 1914 New York, d. 16 December 1969 San Diego), married Geraldine MISHLOVE

  6. Betty (Rebecca, Rifka) STARR (b. 23 May 1917 New York, d. 1 March 1982 San Diego). Married (26 February 1938) to David SUGERMAN (b. 23 June 1910 Chicago, d. 11 January 1994 San Diego)
  7. Benjamin STARR, b. 15 March 1920 Chicago, d. 24 November 1921 Chicago. Buried in family plot in Chicago.

  8. Beatrice STARR, b. 15 September 1923 Chicago, married 25 March 1949 Oscar SOKOL (b. 18 November 1910, d. 1991 San Diego)

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