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Rabbi Sinai ben Bezalel LOEW

[16.1] Rabbi Sinai LOEB/LOEW (b. ca 1508 Worms, d. 1607 Kolin), Rabbi of Nikolsburg, was the son of [17.1] Bezalel ben Haim Loeb. Rabbi Sinai LOEB married [16.6] Chana Enokh WESSELS (Khana Enokh WESSELS).

Numbers in brackets are references to The ESKELES Genealogy by Zeev ESHKOLOT.

Senator John Forbes KERRY

It was incorrectly reported that according to Felix GUNDACKER,, Senator John Forbes KERRY's grandmother Ida LOEWE is a descendant of Sinai LOEW. In fact, other than the similar last names, there is no known family connection. As GUNDACKER points out KERRY's ancestors are about 300 years and many kilometers from Sinai LOEW, and LOEW is too common a surname to say that all LOEWs are related.

Of course a connection is still possible and more research would be welcome.

Leopold LOEWY (d. before 1870) married Katharina STERN (b. about 1799, d. 3 Sep. 1886 Brno).

Gravesite information thanks to Christoph LIBISCH

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