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Akiva ben (Harav) Moshe GINS Family Tree


Akiva ben (Harav) Moshe GINS (b. 8 Nov. 1761 Eisenstadt, Austria, d. 12 Oct. or 23 Sept. 1837 Posen, Poland), aka "Gaon of Posen", aka "Akiva the Younger". Rabbi Akiva Eiger was born Akiva Ginz but went by Eiger out of reverence to his maternal grandfather. He was the rabbi in Märkisch Friedland, Westpreußen (Prussia) between 1791 and 1815. He then became the Chief Rabbi in Posen until 1837. Akiva married twice.

He first married Glückchen MARGOLIES (b. 1763 Lissa, Poland, d. 1796 Posen, Poland)

Their children used mostly their grandmother's surname and not their fathers. Akiva was named after his maternal Grandfather who was the Rabbi in Pressburg, Slovakia. The grandfather was a scholar of some note and respected by the Worldwide Jewish Community.

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  1. Abraham (Avraham Brawitch) Ben Akiva EGER (b. 1781 Lissa, Poland, d. 1853 Rogasen, Poland) m. Haja YOCHEVED (d. 1855 Posen)
  2. Rabbi Solomon (Shlomo) EGER (b. 1785/6 Lisa, d. 1852 Posen) married (1801) Golda HIRSCHENSOHN. Remarried (1815) ??? ZENSYMINER (b. 1798).
  3. Scheindel EGER (b. 1784 or 1788 Lissa, d. 1797 Bromberg) married Rabbi Moshe Moritz Heinrich DAVIDSOHN (b. Lissa, d. before 1837 Bromberg).
  4. Sorel Sara EGER, married twice, many children

Akiba Eger remarried (1796) the niece of his first wife Brendel HaLevy FEIBELMAN (b. 1780 Samter or Leszno [Lissa], d. 1836 Posen). Contact: Orit LAVI orit at descendant Brendel's brother Rabbi Shimon HALEVI. According to Orit's sources Brendel's place of birth is indicated as Leszno (Lissa). She has no primary source confirming this fact; but according to her father's biography, it seems that he moved to Szamotuly (Samter) only in the early 1800s, when he was nominated as Rabbi there. [If you read Hebrew, the details and info sources are described at].

  1. Moses EGER (b. 1799, d. 1879 Warsaw) m. Gitel GOLDREICH (b. 1799)
  2. Benjamin Wolf EGER, (1805-1890 Berlin) m. Basha FINKELSTEIN (b. Johannisburg d. 1890? Berlin)
  3. Hadassah EGER, (b. 1806 -before 1837 Brody) m. R. Meir ROSANES (d. 1878 Brody). He remarried his wife's sister Beile EGER.
  4. Feidelmann EGER, (1807-1808 M. Friedland)
  5. Freide (Friedche) EGER, (b. Posen d. 1877 Lublin) m. R. Simcha Ephraim Fishel GRODSTEIN (b. Lublin d. 1881 Jerusalem)
  6. Henrietta Gittel Akiva EGER, (b. 1808 or 1811 according to EGER family book, d. 5 May 1891 Breslau) married (1826) Rabbi Samuel (Shmuel) KORNFELD (b. 1810 Brody, d. 1875 Breslau). They lived in Posen.
  7. Rebekka Rivka EGER, (1812-1884 or 1889 [according to EGER family book\ Dubnow) m. R. Shmuel BIRNBAUM (1810 Pilz-1887 Dubnow)
  8. Isaak Loeb EGER (d. 1871) m. Feigel FLATOW
  9. Samuel Yaacov EGER (b. 1818 Posen d. Minsk) m. Clara COHEN.
  10. Simha Bunim EGER (b. 1821 Posen, d.1867 Brzezany) m. Golda SILVER (d. 1889 Brzezany)
  11. Beile EGER. (1822 Posen- d. 1899 Brody) m. her sister's husband R. Meir ROSANES (d. 1878 Brody).
  12. David EGER, (1824-1877 Breslau)
  13. Jette EGER (b. 1827 Popsen, d. 1881 Krotoschin) m. Shimon BERLINER (b. 1815, d. 1884 Krotoschin)
  14. Rodisch EGER (b. between 1800 and 1804 in Markisch-Friedland, Ostrava, d. 12 Aug. 1849 Wollstein, buried Breslau) m. Wolf SCHIFF (d. Breslau, Wroclaw) merchant.

Also: A daughter Sheindl who was a widow living in Bramburg in 1838.

According to Arie OLEWSKI's records, one of Rabbi Akiva EGER's great-granddaughters (appearently Brane FERNEBUCH) married Rabbi Rafael OLEWSKI, who was the rabbi of Strykow (Poland) in 1865 [Arie's great-great-grandfather].

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