COHEN family

See also other COHENs and COHEN-SCALIs in the family tree. 

All COHEN's are descendents of Aaron.

Israel COHEN

Israel COHEN (b. around 1862 Russia, d. between 1920 and 1930) married Mary (b. around 1863 Russia, d. between 1910 and 1920). The parents of each were born in Russia according to the 1910 Census. In 1901, they lived at 237 31st Street, Chicago with their children.

Israel COHEN remarried Nettie (b. about 1864 Germany, d. after 1930). Both of her parents were born in Germany. On the 1920 census, they are listed as living on 4732 Calumet Avenue in Chicago, Illinois with Israel's children: Ben, Harry and Pearl. On the 1930 census, Israel COHEN is no longer listed and Nettie is living with her stepdaughter Pearl and her husband Rabbi Selig STARR

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