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Biblical Genealogy: From Alexander son of Herod to Bustanai

Each entry is supposed to be the son or daughter of the previous entries. Subentries are used for people with multiple wives.

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  1. Alexander son of Herod married Glaphyra daughter of King Archelaus of Cappadocia. Sons: Alexander and Tigranes "King Of Armenia" (died childless). (Antiquities of the Jews XVIII Chapter 5).

  2. Alexander (same name as father according to Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews XVIII Chapter 5).

  3. Tigranes (same name as uncle according to Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews XVIII Chapter 5).

  4. daughter married Pharasmenes I

  5. Mithradates I

  6. Amazaspus I

  7. Pharasmenes II

  8. Rhadamiste I married Ghadam

  9. Pharasmenes III married Zenobia

  10. daughter married Vologaesus III "King Of Armenia & Parthia"

  11. Artabanus V "Great King Of Parthia"

  12. Ziyanak Mirud married Ardashir I

  13. Shapor I married Gurzdad

  14. Nerseh "King Of Armenia and Persia"

  15. Hormisdas II King Of Persia married Princess Of Kushan

  16. Shapor II King Of Persia

  17. Shapor III King Of Persia

  18. Yazadagerd King Of Persia married Sashandukht Bat Abba --Her father was Mar Abba Babylonian Exilarch--this line goes to King David's son Nathan

  19. Baranes V King Of Persia

  20. Yazdegard II King Of Persia married Dinak

  21. Firoz "Peroz" King Of Persia

  22. Kavadh I King Of Persia

  23. Chosroes I "The Just" King Of Persia

  24. King Hermisdas IV of Persia

  25. Khusru II Parvis King of Persia (Chosroes II) married Miriam (daughter of Flavius Tiberius Mauricus and Constantina).

  26. Shahrijar (Yezdigird, Yazdagird) III King of Persia (d. 651) married Zamaspdukht

  27. Izdundad "Princess Of Persia" married Bustanai-Babylonian Exilarch Yazdegerd III

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