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The Maharsha

Rabbi Samuel Eliezer ben Judah EDELES, the MaHaRSHA (1555-1631) son of Rabbi Yehuda LOEWE (the elder)'s cousin Gittel Halevi.

Ross Fishman writes:

My family’s lore has claimed that we are direct descendants of Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Halevi EIDELS 5315 - 5392 (1555 - 1631), better known as the MaHaRSHA, one of history’s great rabbis and Talmudic scholars, whose "incisive and keenly analytical" commentary is so popular that it is still printed in all standard editions of the Talmud,“ and is regarded as a ‘must’ for all Talmud scholars”: 

“Rabbi Samuel Eliezer ben Judah EDELES stands out as one of the greatest of our great, who has contributed immensely to the spreading of the knowledge of the Talmud and the preservation of our faith and traditions among our people.” 

I have found a few more online references that state that the Maharsha is the great-grandson of the Maharal

  1. The Maharsha's mother also stemmed from an illustrious family. She was the granddaughter of Rav Yehuda LOEWE, the Maharal of Prague. 
  2. Shmuel Eliezer ben Yehudah EDELS (MaHaRSHA, 1563-1632) ... descendant of the MaHaRaL from Prague...   
  3. The Maharsha was born in Kraków, Poland. His father, Yehuda, was a Talmudist and both parents were descendants of rabbinic families - his mother was the granddaughter of Rabbi Yehuda LOEW, the Maharal of Prague 
  4. The Maharsha was born in Cracow, Poland. On his mother's side, the Maharsha was the great-grandson of Rabbi Yehuda LOEW, the Maharal of Prague . 

What I haven't quite figured out is how the connection is actually made, i.e. from which child of the Maharal the Maharsha’s mother descends.

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