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Dr. Anton KAUDERS and Johanna Hanni WOLF Family Tree

Johanna Hanni WOLF (b. 1828 Eisenstadt, d. 19 Jan. 1892 Vienna) daughter of Loeb Leopold WOLF married to Dr. Anton KAUDERS (b. 1817 Kormend, Hungary, d. 9 Jan. 1892 Vienna) and whose father according to the Wolf family tree was Jakob KAUDERS (b. 1767, d. 1860) a merchant in Kormend. For more information contact Andras KOERNER Andraskoe at descendant of Jakob KAUDERS' brother Abraham KAUDERS (b. 1771, d. 1864). Jakob, Abraham and their brother Meyer were the wealthiest people among the approximately 300 Jews who lived there in 1820.

Dr. Anton KAUDERS and Johanna Hanni WOLF had three children.

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