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Rav Abba Family Tree

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Jehuda from Lombardy (b. 635) had a son Kolonimus (b. 685).

Kolonimus from Italy had a son Mushulam (b. 720).

Mushulam the great from Luka, Italy had a son also called Kolonimus (b. 765).

This Kolonimus, Gaon from Luka, Italy had a son Moshe HAZAKEN (b. 810).

Moshe the Elder of Luka had a son called Kononimus of Luka (b. 855).

This Kolonimus of Luka had a son Meshulam (b. 900).

R. Mushulam the great had a son Abun (b. 935).

Rabana Abun (Abba), the Great Prince of Le Mans, Prince of the House of David had children:

R. Abun described above, may be one and the same person as R. Abun, Head of the Yeshiva of Narbonne, whose son was:

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